BMW's Ultimate Blogger

$65,000 per year. A new BMW every 6 months. And a condo in downtown Toronto. This is what the winner of the "Endras BMW Ultimate Blogger Contest" will receive when chosen to be the most passionate and entertaining BMW blogger. Even though it already sounds too good to be true, it get's even better when you read the job description. Instead of spending your time blogging in a Toronto office, BMW wants you to travel to BMW events and promotions to blog about your experiences. The only downside is that while you'll be traveling you wont be able to drive your new 2011 335is coupe.

Where do I sign? What do I have to do? Who's eligible?
The contest is relatively straight forward. You start off by creating an account on Endras BMW's website. You then write a riveting 200 word paragraph, and wait to be picked to move on to the second round. The 25 second round contestants will have 48 hours to produce a short video in which they once again attempt to show why they are the best fit for the job. The third and last round will consist of 5 finalists who are each invited to Toronto for an interview, which I imagine take place in an M3 on a skid course.

What Endras BMW is looking for is someone who is deeply passionate about BMW, social media, and writing. More specifically, they are looking for someone who is in tune with BMW's philosophies, a BMW motorsport fan, and continually on the look out for performance. The minimum age requirement is 21, you have to be able to drive manual, and you need to have at least one BMW logo tattooed on your body. Their words, not mine.

But do you really care?
As a lifelong BMW fanatic, I've decided to enter myself in the contest to become BMW's ultimate blogger. As a child I grew up to love the Bayerische Motors and owning one has ever since been a dream of mine. My fondest childhood memories nearly all take place in the passenger seat of a 1990's E30 320i Convertible, and later on in a 2002 E39 M5. Throughout the years BMW has stood out to me as the only large scale car manufacturer who prioritized precision driving. While all other manufacturers would pile more horsepower and luxury in their cars, BMW would instead focus on efficiency and handling. Their philosophy of prioritizing an enthusiastic driving experience is exactly why BMW stands out as the car manufacturer who produces the "Ultimate Driving Machine". I agree with BMW's philosophy and I would love to become a part of it. Thus after reading today's entry, I would appreciate it if you could support my quest to become BMW's Ultimate blogger by voting for me. Thanks guys!