Over The Top Supercar Garages

You're infatuated by cars, you have two minutes of downtime, what do you do? Well that's an easy one. You lean back, cross you legs, place your hands behind you head and drift away in to the border less realm that is our fantasy. Without a doubt you've asked yourself the question: "If I had all the money in the world, I'd buy.... " initiating a two way inner voice top trumps discussion. Careful not to accidentally let in your surroundings on your speculative fantasies "... well I understand that a Ferrari F430 Scuderia is the last word in precision driving, but an Aston Martin would not leave you with a shattered spine after each trip to the driving range..."

Either way, you're going to need a place to store your dream car and no better place than a heated, secured garage inside your own home. But what would it look like? Would you add an inspection bay, a library, a bar, a lift which would raise your car into your living room for your viewing pleasure? If money was no object, would we run out of creativity and imagination before we would run out of money?

The two minutes of downtime have run out but instead of feeling relaxed you're stressed. Not only do you now feel like you have even less of an idea which car you'd buy, you're also now wondering what your garage would look like, which style your house should be, what books to put in the library and, equally important, what drinks to put in the bar. 

Not to worry, here's a world famous thread (250+ pages long) with enough supercar collections and exuberant private garages to motivate even the most troubled procrastinator to start working hard and saving up. 

For your viewing pleasure: