Driving Style 11

Today's edition of Driving Style features a very boring but admirable man. He's made a killing in the aviation parts industry and his number one passion is supercars. His garage is bursting at the seems with 2 Koenigseggs, a Pagani Zonda F Roadster, an F40, a Carrera GT, a GT40, a Murcielago, a Mercedes DTM AMG, and many more! Try to ignore his dreary voice while appreciate the sheer quality of this man's collection. The most entertaining bit is when he admits he's "somewhat embarrassed to say that he hasn't had the opportunity of driving his Posche Carrera GT". Welcome to the life of a busy man who owns three supercars for every day in the week. I'm afraid you'll need to buy more than just a single scratch 'n win to compete with this man's fortune.