Ferrari Visit.

You've read today's title and you frowned. You're skeptical. To Clarkson, and most people, a Ferrari is a scaled down version of God. A Ferrari driver radiates power, stardom, and most of all, wealth. Young women getting woozy at the sight of your  shiny red drop top Fezza as you blip and burble along Sunset with a satisfied grin and a smoldering Cohiba Robusto clenched between your teeth.

A few years back I wouldn't have disagreed with you, Ferrari's are the business. Road going Fezza's were once made for the sole purpose of funding Ferrari's racing involvements. Back in 1947, the brand's founder, Enzo Ferrari, was quick on the ball to express his disgust with his customers, exclaiming that they bought the road cars for all the wrong reasons, for glamour and prestige, instead of for performance and racing heritage.

Fifty odd years later and Ferrari built its first theme park, a multi billion dollar Ferrari overkill in Abu Dhabi, which opened its doors in 2010. Right in the footsteps of the release of the California, Ferrari has announced the release of a four seater, four wheel drive, hatchback Ferrari FF "Four".

A few years ago I visited the Fezza factories in Maranello, Italy. The factory tour that in my mind would become the greatest experience of my life, consisted of, unfortunately, just a walk through a museum,  a tour of the gift shop, and a lunch in the Ferrari themed restaurant and hotel. A factory visit is what you asked for? Unless you have a Ferrari on order, all you're seeing of the factory is the infamous front archway and some cross looking Italian guards.

Having travelled all the way to Maranello from Canada, I was disappointed, but I wasn't going to take no for an answer. So I set out for a short hike around the factory perimeter and I found a few tears in the mesh that was supposed to keep the peeping eyes of the paparazzi out. Here are some of my exciting finds, mind you this was in 2008.

Tomorrow I'll tell you about my visit to the tiny Lamborghini factories in Sant'Agata. Stay tuned!