Don't wish for a flying car

Is that the best you've got?
This weekend our local Vancouver radio station hosted a discussion on vehicle accessories. When I tuned in, the DJ had just begun to ask the listeners "which one feature you wished you car would have?". I immediately drifted away, only remotely aware that I was in fact still driving my car. My fantasies of invisibility paint, smoke screens, and afterburners were soon interrupted by the voice of Caller number 1. "I would... uh... get my car to... uhm... fly." Fair enough. "Well...", said the moderator, obviously surprised at the lack of creativity from his listeners "... would you have your car take off vertically like a Harrier fighter jet, or horizontally, as in Back to the Future?" to which the caller responded, "Like a plane, and ...with flames!", which reaffirmed my sneaking suspicion that Caller number 1 was a deep voiced twelve year old.

But why wish for a flying car when you can wish for a million other things that would enhance the driving experience, instead of taking driving out of the equation. A flying car isn't what a true petrol head would wish for. Instead, a petrol head would wish for a car that could drive through things, like a ghost can walk through walls. Or an invisible car, which would allow for incomprehensible shenanigans. Or a car with unlimited fuel and perhaps afterburners so you could outrun anything this side of a F-15 Eagle fighter jet?

Time for a respawn
However, the feature I'd wish for in MY car, is a RESPAWN button. Mounted on the centre of my steering wheel, it would have a setting that automatically restores myself, my car, and my surroundings to their original position. As easy as restarting a game of Gran Turismo after having wrecked your car in to the guardrails. After a real life spree of reckless driving, the respawn button would automatically take me back to a predetermined time of day in the past. And this way I could be as reckless as I'd want, and never suffer any of the consequences. Brilliant.

Although modern science hasn't quite figured out time travel, my idea, at the very least, would have provided the radio station's listeners with a more inspirational response than caller one's unimaginative answer. What would your add-on be? Feel free to post your thoughts in the comment box below.