Geneva: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

There's still about a week left until the 81st International Geneva Motorshow opens it's door to the public. Fortunately for us, the media has been allowed in early, and they've let us in on what to expect. While most visitors will storm towards Lamborghini's Aventador, Pagani's Huayra, and Ferrari's FF, there's numerous other international premiers worth checking out.

The Good
The clutch-your-heart beautiful
2012 AM Virage
  • Aston Martin's Virage. Based on an aging, but still very very good DB9 engine and chassis, this reincarnation of the Virage brand can only lead pure motoring goodness. The Virage looks great, costs more, and is reminiscent of the late 90's legendary V8 Vantage Le Mans which churned out a savage 612 Horses from it's supercharged 5.3L V8. 
  • Bentley Continental GT V8. The Bentley Continental is an all around impressive car. Last year Bentley introduced a successor to the GT, and this year they've launched a cheaper and more nimble V8 version. What's not to like?
  • BMW 6 Series Coupe. Just as all 21st century BMW's have been criticized for their controversial styling, so will the new 6 series. However once the Chris Bangle designed coupes are transformed by BMW's M division, we all suddenly want one. And while I think this particular new model looks better than the outgoing model, I don't see how this new 6 series can be anything short of impressive.
  • Range Rover Ultimate Edition. If you have a pile of cash and a large driveway there isn't a single reason in the world why you shouldn't own at least one Range Rover. And since Range Rovers naturally give drivers a "King of the road" feel, I can only imagine that the $170,000 Ultimate Edition makes you feel like a "God of the road". This edition features some Rolls Royce quality leather and veneer, a few TV's, limo-esque rear seats, and a badge that says 'Ultimate'. 
The Bad
The Black "Parts Bin" Edition for the
uninspired and misinformed
  • Porsche 911 Black Edition. The result of Porsche rummaging around in their parts bins in an attempt to liquidate their last 997's, this Black Edition isn't bad, just badly overpriced. Much of the excitement of owning a new Porsche originates from the joy of putting together your very own 911. If I decided to buy a brand new 997 months before the launch of the new 991 model, I'd at least want to configure it myself. I'm thinking Fuch alloys, RS bucket seats, alcantara steering wheel, alcantara shifter, a rear diff lock, and a sports exhaust. 
  • Porsche Panamera Hybrid S. The only reason people buy a Panamera over a Maserati Quattroporte, Aston Martin Rapide, or fast german saloon is because of the Porsche's performance. Porsche now has turned the Panamera into a half hybrid, half V8 concoction, which I fear has changed the car in to a still heavy and ugly, but now also unexciting disaster of a car.
  • Saab 9-3 and 9-5. Every model needs at least 3 years to transition from the drawing board to the showroom, and since Saab was owned by GM 3 years ago, expect their new models to be a cluster of cost saving and American lackadaisical driving capabilities. Since Saab is now owned by Spyker, a Dutch supercar manufacturer, Saabs will hopefully get better over time.
The Ugly
Lock up your daughter, lock up your wife,
lock up the back door, and run for you life.
  • Detomaso SLC. For those of you not familiar with Detomaso, they were a moderately successful Italian manufacturer in the 70's and 80's making extremely exciting but unreliable supercars. Fresh out of bankruptcy, they've dropped the SLC on us. A four door whale-of-a-car which competes with the BMW 5GT and the Audi A7 Sportback. Good luck fellas. 
  • 2011 Toyota Prius. I've never minded the Toyota's Prius, since it provides people who are indifferent cars a sustainable, affordable, and safe mode of transportation. Unfortunately a Prius has always looked like it was driven through the ugly stick forest before arriving at any Toyota showroom. Even though no future Prius owner would read this blog, I'd suggest to attempt masking some of those hideous lines by ordering one in black. 
Honorable mentions: The brave Kia Picanto for being a Kia, and the Aston Martin Vantage V8 S for attempting to fill a void in the Vantage line up (Vantage V8, Vantage N420, Vantage V12) that simply isn't there.