Stealthing your car from the Fuzz

Alex's Roy's BMW M5 Interceptor
prepped for the Gumball Rally
Fuzz, Pigs, Bacon, Po-Po, Johnny Law, Bagodoughnuts, Bobbies, 5-Oh, The Fed, Cops, Police, whatever you call them, odds are that you've encountered them on the road. And unless the cop stopped you to comment on your exemplary driving, we all wish we hadn't. What if there was a way we could stealth our car from the cops? Make an undetectable car, invisible by radar, laser, camera, infrared, etc...? As petrolheads we all consider ourselves exerts at spotting undercover cops, making up excuses, and anticipating speed cameras. The truth is that we selectively forget about the times we've been caught and ticketed, and we tend to remember the times when Lady Luck was on our side. If you haven't been caught, you will get caught, so here's some advice on what to buy to stealth your car.

1) Laser and Radar Detector. My personal favorite is the Valentine V1. The most effective detector which lets you know the direction, number of bogeys, and strength of signal. It doesn't come cheap, but if you think about the money you'll save on speeding tickets, it's well worth considering.

2) VEIL Stealth Coating. Relatively unknown, VEIL is a clear coat paint, which absorbs laser rays and prevents a laser gun from obtaining an accurate speed reading on your car. This will buy you time to slow down once you're laser detector has started beeping and the laser gun has been pointed. The paint costs around $100 applies to all the reflective surfaces of your car; lights, license plate, any chrome, emblem, and grille. Well worth the money if you're serious about not getting dinged with a speeding ticket.

3) Laser Jammers. Illegal, but highly effective. Laser Jammers will create a bubble around your car which detects and jams any incoming laser signals resulting in an 'error' reading on any laser gun around the world. Ideally you would need two in the front, and two in the back. Total cost? If you opt for the very best M47 Blinder X-Treme Laser Jammer, which includes 4 jammers, it'll set you back around $750.

4) CB Radio. If you can find out what your local police department's radio frequencies are, then a CB radio is the way to go. Completely legal, and highly entertaining, you'll be able to listen in to anyone and anything. At a cost of only $57.00, the Uniden Mobile 40 Channel CB Radio is great value for money.

There's a bundle of other gadgets and countermeasures around; however, the above 4 should help in eliminating the odds of getting caught. Car fanatic and gadget nerd, Alex Roy, frequently goes above and beyond to stealth his car from the fuzz. At a cost of $30,000 is it worth it? The results speak for themselves: Alex Roy is the transcontinental record holder (NY to LA), destroying the 30 year old record which stood at 32 hours and 7 Minutes. The 'Spirit of the Gumball Trophy' winner claims to have issued more fake tickets, than he's ever received real ones. What a guy!