Passion in Sant'Agata

Today's post is a follow up on yesterday's Ferrari.

With the aid of a Rosetta Stone Italian 101 course, a few locals, a Garmin navigation system, a map of Italia, and a lifetime of patience we arrived at the countryside Lamborghini factory. The in italics written Lamborghini insignia atop the factory buildings caught my eye and I was overjoyed to not see any branded hotels, restaurants, or theme parks.

We were welcomed with open arms, as if we were the first people to cross the finish line of the amazing race. A smiling secretary invited us on a private tour in which we were given a walkthrough of the small two story museum, followed by a comprehensive factory tour. We could have just bought the factory and I wouldn't have expected a more in depth all inclusive tour of the facilities. From upholstery sewers to test pilots, we seemed to have been introduced to everyone. The hospitality was unparalleled.

At the end of our visit I asked to fire up one of the brand-spanking-new LP640-4 Murcielagos which sat outside the shipping bay. The friendly tour guide complied with a smile and rang up a mechanic in coveralls to awaken the beast. After a few warning beeps and fuel pump growls the bull awoke with a roar that drowned out all other noise. The mighty V12 suffocated the surrounding air as it produced a low raspy sound unique to Sant'Agata's supercars.

Last we were invited in to the gift shop for an expresso and a glass of water (since a strong expresso usually leaves you thirstier than when you ordered it, the Italians have a habit of washing it down with a glass of water). At the end of the day I went on to do what any appreciative tourist would do and I bought myself a Lamborghini shirt. When walking back to the car a balloon white Lamborghini LP640 roared out of the factory gates, onto the public road, or what the test driver called "Lamborghini's test track".

A 2008 Advertisement
The story of how Lamborghini came to be has always stuck me by. A successful tractor manufacturer, Ferruccio Lamborghini, had knocked on Enzo Ferrari's door with a list of recommended improvements for his personal Ferrari. Mr. Enzo went on to tell him off, unsure why a tractor manufacturer assumed he was knowledgeable on the subject of building supercars. Lamborghini's success over the past sure proved Mr. Enzo wrong, although Lambo's are not as precise or poised as Fezza's.

Tomorrow's Alexotics blog will feature a surprising road test comparison between a BMW 335i Coupe and a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder. Don't forget to tune in!