Speeding CAN Save

Speeding kills? Sure. Talking on the phone and driving kills. Eating and driving kills. Mediating your child's crying fit kills. Any distraction while driving could potentially cause an accident. But does speeding distract?  In my mind there's two types of speeding; uncontrolled and controlled. The former causes accidents, and the latter prevents them. Yes, prevents! Now before you take my word for it and grab your keys, run out the door, and put the pedal to the metal, allow to explain why. Therefore,  you can provide the cop who pulled you over for speeding with a grounded argument, instead of simply referring him to alexotics.

I'd like to start off by quoting an article I read in a Dutch Supercar Magazine called CARROS. While performing a high speed test of the newest 997 Turbo MkII on the German Autobahn, the journalist arrived at the following startling conclusion: "...speeding by itself does not endanger other road users, uncontrolled speeding is what's dangerous. The average person who speeds on the autobahn is much more alert, and focused , than the other road users driving at ordinary speeds, who often times are distracted multitaskers.  You'll rarely see a person in left lane on the phone, eating, talking to the kids in the back. Most likely, that person will have both his hands on the wheel, focused on the road, with one eye on the road conditions, and the other eye anticipating other driver's actions three cars ahead. A focused driver will cause fewer accidents than the average driver..." Even though I recited the passage from memory, and parts may have gone lost in translation, there is no denying the journalist's audacity to speak out against popular belief. The general census is that speeding kills. But what if controlled speeding, with an attentive driver behind the wheel, proves a safer way to travel? If speeding prevents people from multitasking behind the wheel, are the negative connotations surrounding speeding exaggerated?

It's important to distinguish controlled speeding from uncontrolled speeding. Controlled speeding is done by an experienced driver, who knows his car well, and only speeds when the conditions lead themselves to a bit of a go. What's dangerous, is an inexperienced driver with a heavy right foot who decides to go for a blast during rush hour, weaving in and out of traffic, with the notion of invincibility. Absolute controlled speeding will only exist on a track, but you can easily take out some of the dangerous variables associated with speeding. Stay alert, and only give it a go during times of low traffic density, on roads you know well, where you know there are no blind turns, hidden driveways, pedestrians or bikers.

As a car enthusiast who loves to drive, you've probably felt the carpeting below your gas pedal once or twice. Be sure to read tomorrow's article on how to stealth your car from the fuzz. I'll talk about some of the best and affordable radar and laser detectors, laser jammers, laser absorbent paint, and license plate reflectors, along with some other, more secretive cop evading strategies and gadgets.

Happy driving!