Flaming Lamborghinis

Don't go Dutch on the insurance.
Today marked the official unveiling of the Lamborghini LP700-4 Avantador, a breathtaking 700 horsepower carbon fiber road going rocket ship. Sitting on the edge of my chair I anxiously await who will be the first to drive the Aventador: Chris Harris from EvoTV, Tiff Needell from Fifth Gear, Steve Scutcliffe from Autocar, the Monsieurs from Option Auto, or Clarkson from Topgear?

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Yet I'd warn them to be careful because Lambo's have a history of suddenly turning in to death traps. It's become such a threat for Lamborghini owners, especially owners of the LP640 Murcielago, that the car is said to be haunted. Gruelling stories of LP640's suddenly veering right on the autobahn, spontaneously combusting, traction control systems malfunctioning, and wheels breaking in half can be found deep inside the dark back alleys of motoring forums. There have simply been too many reported strange incidents to ignore. This is not a coincidence. One man who nearly lost his life to a veering Murcielago decided to take share his suspicions with the world by blogging about his experience. Soon his website had around 30 different stories of Lamborghini owners complaining about traumatic experiences in their Murcielago's as a result of sudden defaults. The eery events surrounding the Murcielago have been too much to ignore and needless to say the website received unbridled attention.  Off course the Lamborghini Factory has decided to say nada about all this. To read over 30 stories of disgruntled owners, infuriated passengers, and hopeless family members, their pictures, stories, and videos, click on the burning picture or visit http://www.lambounfall.de/lamborghini-murcielago-crash.html

Staying right on topic of crashed supercars, visit wreckedexotics for more heart wrenching carnage. Each week the website receives hundreds of updates on the newest and most expensive exotic car crashes around the world. Each post features pictures, and a short description of what happened and who the owner was. The first time visitor is bound to get caught up in vast library of supercar crashes. From Koenigsegg's to Mclaren's, if it's seen the road, it's most likely crashed and captured by wreckedexotics. The many stories and pictures combine to teach us a lesson of when a supercar in inexperienced hands never fails to turn in to a costly and dangerous adventure. Click on the picture to access the site!