Alexotics in a nutshell

If your car is your ultimate toy;

If you enjoy the smell of gasoline;

If you prefer engine noise over radio;
If you grew up playing with dinky toys;
If you always try to beat your previous time;
If you sneak out at night just to go for a drive; 

If you fly wishing you could've driven instead;

If going for a drive never fails to cheer you up;

If you insist on driving your friends at all times;
If at all times you look forward to your next drive;

If you smile when your hands touch a steering wheel;

If you park your car so you can see it out of the window;
If you feel bad about leaving your car out in the elements;

If you only put premium fuel in, even when it's not necessary;

If you don't always take the shortest road, but always the most fun;

If you know your car is running properly by the feel of your throttle;
And if the outline of your nipple is the shape of the Nurburgring;

You can call yourself a motorhead.