Driving Style 14

Fifth Gear, Top Gear's ugly cousin. is featured in today's Driving Style. Although not nearly as entertaining, Fifth Gear's presentations could easily out drive the ham fisted Top Gear musketeers. Captain Slow, Jezza, or Hamster simply do not have the same amount of driving skills as Tiff Needell, Jason Plato, Vicki Butler-Henderson, or Ben Collins. Thats right, Ben Collins who earlier this year took off his white helmet in an attempt to promote his new biography, has now been hired by fifth gear as their refurbished Stig. Even though rumors were heard last year about the possible cancellation of Fifth Gear, this year they've been back at it and creating more of their signature overly enthusiastic, overly English accented, but ultimately lifeless road tests. I presume that what is left of Fifth Gear's audience can be split in to two groups: the boys who admire Vicki, and the boys who admire Tiff's epic driving skills. Today Tiff's signature opposite flick drifting style is put front and centre as he tosses some girls around in an M3. Welcome back Fifth Gear!