Driving Style 15

Today's long overdue edition of Driving Style features what in my opinion is the most exciting road test video on youtube. A journalist for the French car magazine Option Auto takes us out for a drive in the 1200 horsepower 9ff tuned Porsche GTurbo. With a few high boost turbochargers, a GT3 RS body, and exhaust blowout valves, this car may just be the most exhilarating in the world. You can forget about your Koenigseggs, Zondas, Veyrons, Ariel Atoms, Nobles, and Lotus's at home, accelerating in this 9ff Porsche is like piloting a fighter jet. The journalist's reaction is priceless as he accelerates up to 280km/h in a matter of seconds and in his excitement forgets to continue breathing. A delirium is what he calls it, a car for men and not boys. To establish a bit of perspective, the previous car he tested was the superfast Oakley Design Ferrari 458. Turn up your volume and skip to 0:50 for 1200hp flatout! Watch the full test here -> Option Auto 1200 GTurbo 9ff Test