Driving Style 16

Today's edition of Driving Style features a vintage clip from the Alexotics favorited videos vault. We're shown Jeremy Clarkson in his younger years, way before the British public made it clear that they want him as their next Prime Minister. Off course Jeremy Clarkson refuses to enter politics since as a politician he would suffer the consequences of his controversial remarks, as opposed to enjoying freedom of speech as a free bird journalist. If you're a Top Gear follower, you've probably noticed that Jeremy, or "Jezza", is a big Mercedes AMG fan. His last two daily drivers have been an SL55AMG, an SLK55AMG, and he currently power slides a CLK63AMG Black Series to work. Before he fell in love with the tail happy and brute force V8 AMG engines, he used to be in an indestructible love affair with Ferrari. In this clip, Jezza, with a full head of hear, explains to us why he considers Ferrari to be nothing less than a "scaled down version of God", and why he felt the irresistible urge to purchase a "quail egg dipped in selery salt and eaten from Kiera Knightley's belly button", or in layman terms, a Ferrari 355.  Enjoy today's nostalgic 1990's clip!