Driving Style 17

Today's edition of Driving Style features two of the most talked about Gumballers of all time. They weren't rockstars, or supermodels, or even that wealthy. But they had a GT3 and a GT2 and took on a driving style that no one had ever witnessed before. British LONMAN in his modified 996 GT2 and German GT3000 in his famous Gulf livery GT3 tore up the 2004 Gumball 3000. Not afraid to drive over 300km/h, overtake on the right hand shoulder, or even bump other cars off the road, these guys were using public roads as their personal racetrack. The Gumball's famous motto is "It's not a race, it's a rally". These guys took it the other way and provided us with enough youtube footage to all start saving up for GT Porsches. The 2004 edition of the Gumball started off in Paris, went through Spain, on the ferry to Morocco, and eventually ended in Barcelona for the Formula 1 weekend. The Morocco leg saw some epic driving and spectacular accidents, which all have been well documented on gt3000.com and the gumball3000.com website. The GT2 is nicknamed "the widowmaker" for a reason, it's got more horsepower than a Porsche Turbo but loses the 4 wheel drive system. It's a true deathtrap in the hands of the inexperienced, and so is the GT3. Porsche's are known to spin out when easing off the throttle mid turn, so for these guys to not crash during the 6 days of the Gumball, it must have been flatout the entire way.Unfortunately GT3000 and LONMAN have shied away from the Gumball over the past few years for reasons unknown. Let's hope they make a comeback this April as the 12th Gumball 3000 kicks off in London.