Driving Style 18

Today's edition of Driving Style feature two short Top Gear fragments. Only a true petrol head could have thought of the idea of having cars race by only to compare exhaust notes. As Jeremy sits in the grass next to the famous Top Gear runway, he explains what he hears in different car's sounds. The comparisons Jeremy comes up with are unparalleled in it's creativity and passion. If only we could all talk and write as colloquially as Jezza... The second clip features another comparison of two V8 sounds. An American muscle car is compared to a Ferrari while the viewer is treated to a concerto of some of the sexiest exhaust notes on the planet. I'll give you a hint: it includes the 360 CS, the world's best sounding car. The most memorable part of the clip is at the end, when Jeremy is in euphoria of the Fezza's exhaust note, and pretends to orchestrate it's downshifts. By the way, did you know that most of the sound that is produced by the E46 M3 is from the air getting sucked in?
Second clip: American vs. European Car Noise - Top gear