Driving Style 20

Today's edition of Driving Style features a famous and controversial car enthusiast. A former movie director, James Glickenhaus, is responsible for commissioning the one off P4/5 Enzo based Pininfarini creation. His unique and extraordinary request to rebuild a redesign his million dollar Enzo has received him a ton of press exposure and motor world praise. His second venture, is to build another P 4/5 although this time a race spec version on the basis of a Ferrari Scuderia, using F430 GT2 components with the all carbon fiber body similar to his road legal P 4/5. In this original video, James is shown watching us, watching him, through social media. His goal is to involve the entire motoring community in the project, as he allows the entire world to provide input and watch this car come to fruition. A truly special video, made by a Hollywood director, with a killer sound track. You've really struck lucky this time fellas.