Driving Style 22

The lack of safety precautions took the lives of many race car drivers in the first half of the 20th century. The drivers were considered true daredevils as they tore around at break neck speeds, in an open car, wheel to wheel with their opponents. Watching today's video made me realize how far we've come in terms of safety features. Although it's racing which has stimulated the development of the safety features we so used to having around us today. As one driver was flung out of his car to sudden death, seat belts were invented. When a driver was crushed under the weight of his car, roll cages were invented. It's interesting how a dangerous sport helped make the world a much safer place. If it's taught me two things, it's that the human body can endure quite a bit of force, and that those Auto Union 1930's race cars were indestructible cars.