Driving Style 23

5 supercars. 1 empty track. 4 laps. Never before have I seen 5 road going supercars battle it out in a race. This road test is completely unprecedented, and probably cost the journalists/ race car drivers a fortune to insure. Usually you'll only witness these cars on a track on a track day, or in a magazine drag race shoot out. On a track day you are only allowed to put down fast laps and overtake much slower cars. Never will you be allowed to stage a race. And the common place shootout drag races always end long before the first turn comes in sight. So who wins? Initially my money would have gone to the 911 Turbo S since I know it's got the quickest launch and the most poke on the straightaway. The GTR is the complete package just as much as the Scuderia is, just in a completely different way. The R8 V10 has the best weight distribution, and the SLS, well the SLS never stood a chance. But none of this really matters since the test was filmed in Japan, and so they'd probably be out of a job if the GTR wasn't the first to cross the finish line. In a neutral country, the Turbo S would've taken it.