Driving Style 23

Today's edition of Driving Style features a brand spanking new Porsche Commercial. Porsche's marketing campaigns are known for their simplicity, and their catchy slogans. Their newest commercial is both creative and simple, as it successfully brings across the message that a 911 is a practical and useable sports car. However believable that may be, give them credit for trying hard. This video may come in handy down the road, as supporting evidence to convincing your wife that a 911 IS a smart buy. It'll plow through snow, haul all your stuff, relieve you from all your stress, and fit all the kids. A 911. There is no substitute. C'mon honey. Just don't get too sporty of a 911: a source of stress rather than a stress relief, with a roll cage for back seats, a front lip so low it'll actually plow snow, and low enough to scrape along if you'd dare to load anything in the boot. A Carrera S will have to do.