Ignorance is bliss

I wasn't surprised to eventually
find out she drove  a Jetta
What you don't know can't hurt you. Certain people apply this philosophy towards car knowledge, as they set out to learn as little as humanly possible. I find a lack of basic car knowledge completely unacceptable. Unawareness of your own car's make and model is a reflection of below average levels of intelligence. I understand that some people look at a car as a means of moving from A to B. And that's fine. We aren't all passionate about the same things and that's how the world goes round. I for example don't take a fancy to horses. While I recognize their importance throughout our evolution and appreciate their beauty, I do not feel the need to go buy or write about a horse. I imagine though that if for whatever reason I would own a horse, I'd set out to learn a bit about it's heritage and pedigree.

Today's rant was spurred on by a mind numbing bit of conversation I found myself a part of yesterday. I had overheard a blonde twenty-some girl, Christina, proudly rant about her new car. As I overheard her conversation I pulled open a dusty file cabinets in the back of my brain, filled with makes, models, driver personalities, and driver looks. With the aid of preconceptions, stereotypes, and personal experiences, each entry had been cross referenced to produce a set of car and driver matchmaking predictions. For some inexplicable reason a new model Volkswagen Beetle and a Mini Cooper popped in to my mind when looking and listening to Christina. After spending an unrecoverable five minutes talking to Christina, I found out that my prediction had only been slightly off. An excerpt of our conversation:

Me: "Hey so I heard you got a new car, congratulations Christina!"
Christina: "Thaaaaanks! Yeah I just got it and I'm super excited!"
Me: "Haha yeah I bet, which make is it?"
Christina: "uhhh.... well it's ummm... you know... one of those uhhh..."
Me: "A Mini? ... A Volkswagen?"
Christina: Yeah! It's a Volkswagen! Wait, ... I think. Is Volkswagen the one with the circle and the lines?"
Me: "Haha yeah Christina, that's it! *Facepalm* So what model is it? A golf? "
Christina: "What's a golf?"
Me: "It's a small hatchback, does yours have a trunk?"
Christina: "Uhh well yeah all cars have trunk, but mine's grey! It's really pretty I love it!"

All right that's it. End of Conversation. I'm out. Remind myself to never talk to Christina in order to prevent a stomach ulcer, heart attack, and migraine all at once as I stand appalled at her ignorance. How does someone who's gone and picked out her very own first car, failed to notice the make and model? It's beyond me. It hurts me, and to be honest, I just got a little teary eyed by having to reminisce about yesterday's conversation.

This reminds me of a Belgian television ad for a national car magazine called 'Autogids'. Two men were chatting at the bar when one man asked to other: "Hey so what car did you buy?" to which the other guy replied: "A blue one". The viewer was then shown a copy of 'Autogids' to which the commentator said: "Learn more about cars, read 'Autogids'". Christina, I suggest you start reading.