A Week of Supercar Sacrilege

Today's post will go about a bit of housekeeping. I'll let you in on a whole pile of articles I've been keeping on the back burner, with the intent of one day writing full blown commentaries of each. Below is a list of a few matters that are of definite interest to the car enthusiast.

  • The rotting 4000 cars large collection of the Sultan of Brunei. The man who is responsible for single handedly keeping Bentley and Rolls Royce alive during the 80's by ordering thousands of custom made cars. When his money to buy new cars dried up in the late 90's, so did the money to maintain his massive collection.The Sultan's Rotting Car Collection

  • Famous EVO journalist Chris Harris' rant about Ferrari cheatery, and why he sold his Ferrari, and will never test drive one again. Jalopnik - How Ferrari Spins

The above four articles are enough to make a car enthusiast weep. Luckily this week Lamborghini revealed their 10 year production timeline, which provided much to look forward to as well as a bit of hope for the car industry. Let's hope next week it's all clown shoes and spinning bow ties because at this rate there soon won't be much left to talk about.