Alexotics featured on !!!

Today Alexotics was featured on the world famous Autogespot! A Dutch website that posts all of the daily supercar spots from around the world. Each day around 150 spots of various exotics are uploaded and shared with the world. I have been an avid supporter of Autogespot and the Autogespot crew throughout the years, starting off each morning by checking out the supercars which have been photographed around the world.Aside from their core feature, high quality daily spots, they also update you on car news, motor shows, and any entertaining car matters. It's truly a site worth bookmarking for the die hard enthusiast.

I am honored to have been featured on their website, and I truly hope they continue to build on their success in order to become one of the top motoring sites in the world.

I would like to remind all of the Alexotics fans to continue voting for the BMW Ultimate Blogger contest. I have skyrocketed to 14th place out of 538 contestants thanks to Autogespot's support. In order for Alexotics to further climb to the top, I'll need all of my reader's support, so please don't forget to vote daily. Each one of your votes make a difference and each vote is appreciated.