Driving Style 24: The World's Greatest Driveway!

Today's edition of Driving Style features the world's greatest driveway. A one mile stretch of level changes, uphill hairpins, straightaways, and cambered turns that mimics some of the most famous race tracks around the world. The New Zealand racing champion Rod Millen drew his inspiration for his driveway from the famous Pikes Peak in Colorado and the equally famous Goodwood Hillclimb. The latter is a famous piece of road in front of a castle just outside the Rolls-Royce factories in the South East of England. While Pikes Peak is famous for it's record breaking daredevils and Goodwood is famous for it's 'Festival of Speed' and 'Heritage Weekends', Rod's driveway is famous for the "Leadfoot Festival" which kicked off for the very first time this year. It's a very casual get together of friends (read motorsport legends) as
they all give it a go up Rod's driveway.  If this were
my driveway I'd buy a GT3 RS and quit my day job.
Rod Millen, you're a legend.