Driving Style 28: Heel-and-Toe

You won't find a more relevant video on any other edition of Driving Style, since this video teaches you how to drive. If your idea of driving is hitting the gas and turning the wheel than you probably think, just like most people, that you're the best driver in the world. That's fine. Just stay in the right lane. What us car enthusiasts consider good driving requires a tough to perfect skill set which requires car control, quick responsiveness, excellent eye-hand coordination, and the kind of foot movement the drummer from Metallica would consider impressive. Any car enthusiast has a love-hate relationship with his manual transmission. We love it when we get it right, and it'll ruin our day when we don't. Either way, every day we set out to learn something new and perfect our skills behind the wheel. Seen here are the two different ways to go about heel-toe driving. The idea is to have your car under control while entering a turn, braking, and downshifting. Double clutching matches the axle rotations with the engine speed quicker than your car's synchro would, while preventing the driver from losing control of the car during jerky shifts. When you add braking to the mix, you get heel-toe driving. Two techniques exist, the first is shown in the first video, in which the driver uses the top of his right foot to brake while rotating his heel over to blip the throttle. Ayrton Senna shows us the second method in the second video, which consists of placing your fancy loafer between the brake and gas pedals, and tilting your foot to the right under heavy braking to blip the throttle. Either way is fine, although I prefer Aryton Senna's method since it requires less leg movement. So there it is, a bit of heel-toe driving from the very best in the business to start off your Wednesday morning.