Driving Style 29

Today's edition of Driving Style features the all new Porsche GT3 RS 4.0. While here at Alexotics we try and steer away from paraphrasing automotive news that you've already read on Autoblog, GTSpirit, Jalopnik, or MSN Auto (for those not "with it"), this piece of hot information could not be passed up. Fresh off the press, here's the video which coincided with the release of the very last Porsche 997. It's engine is bigger, it's crankshaft is taken from the RSR track going 911, and it now boasts a whopping 500 horses on top of the rear axle. It's a GT3 RS on steroids, and cheaper than a GT2 RS. It's quicker around the Nurburgring than a Carrera GT, but alas not as quick as those devilish Nissans. 600 will be produced and you can only purchase it in white, but who cares. It's the ultimate 997 to have, and whoever the lucky owners who grip their hands on the alcantara steering wheel and gear lever may be, let's hope they use and abuse the car as opposed to store it amongst their other garage queens. Check out the video to for the first time ever watch a German engineer speak passionately, and to listen to Porsche's next generation 4.0 engine. You can configure your own on the German Porsche website @ GT3 RS 4.0 Configurator