Here it is!

The long awaited video entry to the Endras BMW Ultimate Blogger Competition 2nd Round is finally here! After a sleep deprived 9 days of rigorous filming, editing, renting equipment, and decifering a professional movie editing program, I am proud to present my 2 minute video to the Alexotics readers. I would like all of you to first of all, vote daily, and second of all spread the word about the competition and my entry. The goal of this round is the finish somewhere in the top 10 out of the 20 finalists. The top ten then advances to Toronto where they will be interviewed and put to the test. On April 4th, monday morning, 18 days of voting kicks off and the race to the top begins yet again. I'll have to compete with a few contestants who have already mentioned that their entire country and national media stands behind them. That means that there's only one thing left to do and that's for all the Alexotics fans to show their strength in numbers and perseverance as we look to oust a few countries. Happy voting!