Three Times Thanks

Shown above is my good friend Jack Hagopian. He was kind enough to help me out during filming, and his  knowledge of camera equipment and photography proved quintessential during shooting. You can find Jack's stunning portfolio on flickr @

Another person who without his support the project would have been a bust, is DJ AFX. He was gratious enough to take some time out of his hectic schedule to mentor us on music selection, as well as loan out some of his valuable equipment. DJ AFX fanpage @

A third person who I could not have completed this project without is my good friend Hadi Daou. He's added tremendous value not only to the video but to the Alexotics blog in the form of reader feedback. His continued support, creative ideas, and unparalleled dedication to Alexotics has helped the blog move in the right direction. With a plethora of plans for future expansion and exciting ventures, I hope Hadi Daou can continue to play a key role in Alexotics's future endeavors.