Sportiest Deals On The Lot

Before I get in to the meat of things, I'd like to enlighten the world on the very best used car website. While the used supercar websites are fun to browse through, i.e. DuPont and JamesList, they aren't as all encompassing as some of the more mainstream websites, even when it comes to exclusive cars. While AutoTrader and MonsterAuto have considerable databases, I find that provides the best look on what's out there in today's market. From oldtimers, to commuter cars, to supercars, I highly recommend using

R-rated Bangle designed curves.
BMW Z4M Coupe: I find it's controversial styling irresistible, just like I find the new Ferrari FF's side profile irresistible. Looking down it's endless bulging front hood will have you thinking about late 60's muscle cars and mid-80's Camaros just as much as it's bulging wheel arches will bring back memories of Cobras and Iso Grifos. I'd take one in manual, with M Motorsport decals, BBS wheels, and an Eisenmann Exhaust. Pick one up for 25 grand today and by the weekend you'll be drifting in to the next BMW enthusiast meet with maximum opposite lock gaining maximum respect. Here's an immaculate 21 grand Z4 3.0 Coupe shamelessly without an owner. 2006 Z4 3.0SI

Aston Martin Vanquish:
Vanquish on the prowl.
The penultimate Bond car, next to the DB5, the Vanquish has been the most associated Majesty's Secret Service gadget car. Although I seriously doubt the Vanquish needed the Bond reference to be successfull. It's revolutionary interior, it's aggressive design, and Peterbilt sized front grille basically sold itself. The most expensive Aston of it's time was the definition of sex on wheels. Over time though, possibly due to it's trick driving characteristics, it's price has dropped quicker than molasses down an icy hill. For $70,000 it's not exactly a bargain, but a black one passed me by today and I couldn't help veering into oncoming traffic while mesmerized at the view in my rear view mirror. They are THAT breath taking. Although I'd still prefer the 30 grand Aston Martin DB7 Vantage,  I'd have to cut my head off to fit in one, since the electronic management controls were placed under the seats, limiting the head room.  I guess The Vanquish will have to do. 2002 AM Vanquish

BMW 335i:
No need to worry about the early 3 liter twin turbo fuel pump issues, those have long been replaced under warranty after ruining at least one of each 335i owner's days. The market is so saturated with the award winning twin turbo BMW engine, especially in 3 series coupe, convertible, and 4 door trim levels, that you'll be able to configure the Beemer of your dreams straight out of the used car market. You like a red one with the M package and 18 inch wheels? I guarantee you there'll be 10 to choose from. This turbo-lag-less engine with its two stage turbo is an absolute peach, and because of it's incorporation in an array of BMW models from roadsters to tourings, it should be on everyone's list of future car considerations. My ideal 2007 335i Coupe with red leather seats costs a mere 25 thousand,  and I'm sure you can find a few around the 20 grand mark if you're not too picky about trim levels or driving a four door. 2007 335i Coupe

Ferrari 355:
A wonderful addition to any garage.
For the mechanics at Ferrari to be able to work on the engine it'll need to be lifted out, and therefore the annual service bill is not for the faint of heart. But once it's up and running and you're persuading the shifter in to the next clickety gate, listening to it's V8 howl, and staring down the 90's instrument cluster, it'll all be justifiable. The sheer ridiculousness of taking apart your car for each oil change will only be a distant worry as you think back about the Miami Vice guys in their Testarossa and Magnum P.I. in his 328GTS all having stared at that same prancing horse. Just don't pick one in a flashy color, stay under the radar and choose a black on black, or a grey one with a red interior. You wont be making anyone jealous at the Ferrari meet but I guarantee it that you'll have more fun than the the 19 year old in his matte grey dual-clutch 458 Italia hitting the rev limiter in 1st gear down sunset. Blue OBO 355

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