When Owners Luck Out

We've talked about depreciating cars quite a bit here at Alexotics. But it's important to note that not all cars depreciate. And I'm not talking about vintage cars that you can only ogle at Pebble Beach and only find for sale on the podium at Sotheby's or Barrett-Jackson. I'm talking about affordable cars that have turned out to be smart buys, completely by accident! Below is a list of some cars which have withstood the test of time, and some which have even gone up in value.

A rear 3/4 view to die for. But choose your decal # wisely.
Ford GT40: Usually cars around the 150 grand price mark depreciate as soon as the first few months of buyer anxiety wear off. These types of cars are usually hyped up, the talk of the town, but then crushed by the next 'hot' supercar of the month. You're still left with a great car, BUT people are now left wondering why you couldn't afford the GT2 RS, even though you had absolutely no clue it was in the making when you put your GT3 RS deposit down. Oh how cruel and clueless people can be.

The GT40, due to its production run which was halted short of it's predicted 4500 units, has failed to depreciate. Other reasons it's price is still currently selling at a premium is the initial undervaluing of the GT40 when Ford first priced it. It may also be due to the collectors item status resulting from it's LeMans pedigree and how it pays homage to the late 1960's GT40. Or possibly because of it's irressistable good looks that no owner can bear to part with. I guess holding to your GT is understandable, I mean, not all cars come with an aluminum center console which also houses the fuel tank for optimal weight distribution. And especially when yours is a heritage edition or a plain black one on HRE wheels, I'd drive it in to a tree at the thought of someone taking it away.

Aston Martin DB9:
Golf Cart buttons on a DB9. Lovely.
They've taken a big hit in price but think about how long it's taken Aston Martin to change the DB9 model. For heaven's sake the model still hasn't changed! Sure the Virage was introduced with it's new Rapide headlights and flamboyant sideskirts, but that's not a new model. And neither was the DBS. So whoever bought a DB9 when it first came out in 2004, I applaud you. Bravo! I applaud your foresight in buying a car which has failed to look outdated, 7 years after it's launch. I don't think anyone would have guessed that it would take a successful brand like Aston Martin this long to change or significantly update their flagship model. I wouldn't recommend purchasing one now tho, because I doubt the DB9 can go on much longer with those non-Rapide light clusters. Although if you don't mind driving a soon to be outdated car, the DB9 is an excellent car to cover miles in and arrive in style with. I do hope that they change the gear box configuration in the new model. Four side by side buttons on top of the center dash which read: P, R, N, D (Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive) is just a tad inconvenient when trying to park in a hurry.

Audi R8
The perfect R8
A manual Sepang Blue V10. 
It seems like everyone is in the market for an R8. Blame 'Iron Man', blame 'Date Night', blame 'The Joneses', blame Audi's relentless marketing campaigns, or blame it's low price, the truth is that it's all come together and created a tornado of demand for the R8 which has kept prices very steady. Even the introduction of the R8 V10 and the Spyder in both V8 and V10 trim couldn't push down the base R8 prices. Kudos to Audi for being able to do so while at the same time saturating the market. The R8 is an excellent car by the way, it's impossible to steer off the road on any type of road conditions, it's perfectly usable everyday, and it's as reliable as your Audi A4. Which is like a 6 out of 10 on the scale of reliability, but nevertheless quite reliable for a sportscar. Just steer away from a Red one, although it looks great on paper, they've gone a bit too light on the saturation and it'll look like you've owned your R8 for 25 years and in each of those years you've stored it 200km away from the sun. Leave the lighter reds for Ferrari to play with and douse their sportiest of sporty cars with.  The R8 looks best in Ice Silver and Sepang Blue.