Bimmerfest 2011 Quick Recap

Unfortunate overcast skies at the Rose Bowl
 didn't stop the BMW fanboys from coming
out and setting a record attendance.  
Today Pasadena, CA was home to likely one of the largest BMW events in the world. The annual SC Bimmerfest put on by saw all types of BMW owners gather together to form the ultimate collection of extensively customized new body style M3's to older well kept collectibles. It's a great venue for enthusiasts of all kinds to come together and share their common love for the Bayern brand. It's a shame the event doesn't take place closer to Vancouver and that it only occurs one day in the year, May 16th, which means it's already come to an end. For all those who missed it, I've assembled a few of the most noteworthy pictures of the day. For more galleries, hit the link AutoSpies: Bimmerfest Picture Gallery or Bimmerfest Pics
Bimmerfest 2011 Pictures
Crowd Favorite 522HP BMW Individual IND Atlantis Blue M3.  
Bimmerfest 2011 Pictures
In case you weren't sure, that's an M-Technik car.