Driving Style 30

Today's edition of Driving Style is brought to you by the good folks at Evo Magazine. The very lucky Harry Metcalfe, Evo's principal editor,  was recently presented with the job to drive Nick Mason's Ferrari Enzo from the Oxford to the South of France for an Evo comparison test. The car's check up took way too long and Mr. Metcalfe was forced to drive the hypercar through the night. In his video diary of the trip, he talks us through the Fezza's suitability for a thousand mile trip. In short, the hypercar proved easy to drive, even quite comfortable, but unable to filter out any road noise whatsoever. Apparently the road noise was so overwhelming it managed to block out the mighty V12 intoxicating howl! Hence the suggestion by Harry to "put some Tubis on". To check out the rather unique comparison test in which the Enzo played the main role, hit the link @ Evo Mag: Enzo Killers