Driving Style 33

I'm not sure what to think of the Mercedes SLS. It sounds great. Just like the SLR sounded great, in a Harley Davidson, muscle car, laze about way. But that didn't make the SLR a good car. In fact, it was a horrid car with a terribly compromised feel. As if Mclaren and Mercedes literally decided to each design a half of it and then stick it together last minute. It could never decide what it was: a frighteningly fast luxury cruiser, or a completely over the top but poised hyper car. In the end it was neither, and terrible at trying to combine the two. So naturally, I had my doubts when I heard of the SLS. Having not yet driven it, I can only judge it by it's road test reviews, looks, sounds, and results. So far so good. Jezza likes it. Harrismonkey likes it. I guess it's the kind of car for the person who likes to prowl about, and not put down the fastest lap at the local track, which it can. No, this is a car for someone who enjoys hooning over racing. And strives to do so in possibly the prettiest fashion ever. Mid summer day. Dusty parking lot. Gullwing doors erect. And inhaling enough second hand smoke to put down a forest. My hat is tipped to the hoon in the SLS.