Driving Style 34: BMW's Secret Garage

If you're a fan of the brand, you've already seen their secret garage video. And you've already heard of their newest pick-up. No I'm not talking about Dodge who recently released a video of their secret underground garage filled to the brim with concepts and should-of-beens. I'm talking about BMW Motorsport. They've received a mountain of admiration for opening up their garage to the press. I'll add to that by stating that they've also added to the insurmountable heap of respect I bestow on to the brand by driving each and every one of their "museum pieces" on a near daily basis. From all the one-offs in their secret compound, not a single one looks like it's been collecting dust. A lightweight M6, a clutch of factory one-off E46, E34, and E39 M wagons, and a Ur-roadster so unique I didn't even know of it's existence are just some of the gems found inside. I've spotted just about every variation of the M lineage aside from the Z3M Roadster. Which probably a mechanic had just taken to the parking lot to spell out 'BMW M' in tire smoke. And to top it all off, BMW reveals that the recent E92 M3 pick up april fools joke was actually predecessed by an E30 pick up, which was also white on black. And judging by it's significant wear and tear, it looks like BMW really do use their M pick up models as parts haulers. I guess there's no better way to sum it up than to call BMW the manufacturer that builds purposeful cars which they intend to enjoy forever, on a daily basis. I can live with that. Now where was my invitation?