1990 E30 BMW 325i Cab Project Car - Initial Driving Impression

A very short video providing a bit of a first driving impression. I'll be driving the car to Kelowna tomorrow evening where I'll spend some time in a shop fixing it up. First order of business will be a new paint job, a new driver's recaro seat, new beige leather upholstery, and two exterior trim strip replacements. I'm more than surprised about the state of which the engine is in. Nothing feels off, it's all very much in tact and I have absolutely zero complaints about the car's performance, handling, or reliability. I'll let everyone know if it made the strenuous five hour trip from Vancouver to Kelowna by tomorrow evening. If there's no new blog post or twitter update in the next 24 hours, please send a helicopter with fuel, coolant, or a new transmission to somewhere between Hope and Vernon.  If you haven't
already, check out the article underneath
to find out a bit more about the car, the restoration
process, and the reason behind my purchase.