Alexotics Summer Project Car

Today I bought an E30 1990 BMW 325i Convertible. It's red, with a beige interior, and stock wheels. It's paint is peeled, it's Recaro seats are torn up, and it's exhaust tip has definitely seen better days. But the little gal runs smooth as a whistle, relaxed at idle, and solid through the rev range. The sound is typical BMW E30 with a full all encompassing sound which fills up the atmosphere and caresses your ears with a drumming bass. It's everything I've hoped for and then some.

This all means I now own two cars, a daily driver, and this Bimmer, my project car for the summer. Actually, it won't be MY project car, it'll be OUR project car. For each spanner twist and every lick of paint that gets added I'll post an update on here on Alexotics Auto Talk. It'll be an exciting and wonderful journey of a little red put put 1990 325i that'll be fully restored back to showroom condition. Some things I'll get started on right away are the engine vitals, checking all the fluids, and the mechanical bits, then once everything is in order there I'll move over to the suspension and steering. The exhaust system, wheels, tires,  body, electrical, and safety features all seem to be working quite well. The soft top is only a few years old, and all the switches, lights, and features are fully functional. As time goes on I'll let you know if I bought a cat in a bag, a real lemon, or a plain lemon full of attainable potential.

Frequent Alexotics Auto Talk reader's will understand why I decided to buy this specific Bimmer. I've written about it extensively in the Endras BMW Ultimate Blogger Competition as part of my first round entry, and I've shared my passion for E30 BMW's on numerous occasions here on Alexotics. In short, my love for BMW started in the backseat of a 1990 BMW 320i convertible, a car which my dad purchased the day I was born as a celebratory gift to himself. As I grew up a complete gear head I looked at our BMW, with it's M sports suspension, M sports wheel, dark blue and beige color combination and I thought: "this is the car I want to one day drive, no matter which age, or what the future throws at us, I will drive that car with the top down and enjoy it's beautiful six cylinder sound as I shift down and give it the beans.

 Here is a picture of an E30 M3 Convertible in red, to give you an idea of what I dream about the car looking like at some point in the future. (Aside from the M flares, and badging off course, I'm keeping it original!). Until then, happy driving!