Shop 'til You Drop

Any worthy restoration project deserves a shopping list long enough to impress the most trendy of celebrities. And we're not helped by our E30 325i's expensive taste. In most cases it'll only take genuine BMW parts, and will refuse to be seen wearing any cheap aftermarkets. Luckily, it's favorite store isn't the most expensive in town. Without me knowing, the little brilliantrot BMW has made up it's Xmas wish list. Here's what it said:
Very needy and very colorful. 

Bear in mind, the parts in [...] are optional. I'll have to see how well she behaves before I'll get her any of those. Prices are before tax and shipping. 
From faded pink to brilliant red.
  1.  Turn Signal Lens Front Right $17.50
  2. Impact Strip Front Bumper Left and Right $98.50
  3. BMW Roundel Kit Rear (grommets + emblem) $29.75
  4. Chrome tip for exhaust 46mm X2 $21.50
  5. [Actual 325i twin tip rear muffler by Eberspaecher] $292.00
  6. Bosch Genuine BMW Window Motor Left Front $267.50
  7. Glove Box Catch w/ Lock and Key $59.00
  8. Shift Bushing Kit $80.25
  9. Shift Knob w/ 5 Speed Emblem $26.00
  10. E30 Convertible Beige Seat Covers for All Seats – 8 days left to bid $649.00
  11. [All Seats Used from ’91 325i Coupe Beige] $449.00
  12. OEM 45mm Wheel Center Cap Emblems $34.90
  13. 14 inch Bottle Cap OEM Wheel Center Cap $29.00
  14. [14 inch factory BBS wheels (E30 M Technik)]
  15. [Non M Technik E30 factory sports steering wheel]
Still looking to track down:
Engine Temperature Sensor/ Temperature Gage Cluster
Complete Factory Trunk Tool Set

Next week I'll have it towed to a local mechanic who I know quite well. He's knowledgeable, old and experienced, and has offered me to give the car a complete check-up free of charge. I'm anticipating the worst case scenario, 
you know, prepare for the worst and hope for the best, which 
is why I've started saving for a timing belt, new tighteners, 
a water pump, and lots and lots of billed hours.