A Sunday Kind of Update

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The 23 year old German, Sebastian Vettel, has won the Turkish Grand Prix. 4 Grand Prix into the season and Vettel has already managed to win his 3rd race for Red Bull. He's now widened the gap between him and Lewis Hamilton who's currently in second place for the championship by a distant 34 points. I hope you've managed to at least catch a glimpse of the race, as it may have been the last Turkish Grand Prix ever. Since Bernie Ecclestone doubled the hosting price from 13 to 26 million dollars, and Turkey's contract ends this year, it seems unlikely that there'll be another.

Meanwhile, the 1990 325i Convertible aka 'The Alexotics Project Car' is about to receive the royal treatment starting on Monday. In attempt to bring some of that BMW red back to life, I'll be restoring the exterior paint step by step using four different products and a lot of circular motion. Hopefully what's peeled off is just the clear coat and that way I won't have to get it repainted. I'll also be posting some entertaining pictures of my scrapyard visit together with a bit of a do's and don'ts guide to junk yard scavenging.

In other news, Vancouver based SR Auto has just released another overkill in to the automotive hemisphere that goes by the name of 'Zeus'. It's come in the shape of a 458 Italia Ferrari with staggered Forgiato wheels, a sexy Akrapovic exhaust, and some unnecessary Novitec skirts. Why am I mentioning this bit of questionable noteworthy news? Because I spotted the tuned Ferrari 4 weeks before it was launched! And here are the pictures as proof, taken in front of the Vancouver Fashion Show last month.

What they don't tell you is that you'll need a new set
 of tires and a new spine for every 500 km you drive in it.
It sounds great. Just take my word for it. Much louder than
 a Tubi exhaust at idle, and much sharper during takeoff.