Tissues For Issues

While my travels around Europe have been going remarkebly well, my blogging has been inconsistent at best. What has happened is that I've been able to get great footage, but I've had no way to get it up on the blog. Although I've been hauling my laptop, film equipment, and adaptors with me at all times, I've managed to find the one hostel in France without wifi, computers, and about two electrical sockets to power everything. I then managed to forget my Macbook charger and adaptor in Paris, which now renders my laptop useless untill I find a place that sells Apple products. For now it's overpriced internet cafes with counter intuitive keyboards. Even though the keys seem to all be in the right places, spelling 'nightmare' comes out 'as ,ighq.yat8'. Needless to say it has taken me the entire morning to write the above paragraph. I'll leave you with that, as my head is literally about to explode from having pressed backspace more times than all other keys combined on this god awful keyboard. Bonne journee!