Why Would You Buy That Car?

We can easily sort buyer's incentives in to four catagories: practical, fun, sensible, and pretty. Most cars will meander in between categories, but lets agree that those are the most prominent four reasons there are to purchase a given car. A man with a Dodge Ram pick up truck tells you he needs a practical car with lots of cargo room for his tools. A person driving a Toyota Corolla tells you it's the most sensible car to buy in a value for money kind of way. The older man in the Alfa Romeo 8C will admit  that he fell in love with the car's sexy lines, and therefore decided to spend way too much on a car with half the driving capabilities of it's cheaper rivals. And lastly, the young fellow in the imported Nissan Skyline GTR will show you tell you he bought it for pure fun as he rips donuts around the Walmart parking lot lamp posts.
Oh yes. 

While the above mentioned cars fall in to very specific categories, most other cars are a mix of each, which tells us about the things it's owner places most value on. A BMW X5 for example, is a car which falls neatly in to every category. You could argue it's not a very sensible car as it's quite expensive, but that's all relative when you're comparing it to it's closest competitors. When comparing a BMW X5 5.0 to a Cayenne S, the Bimmer is simply better looking, better priced, more practical with third row seating, and lastly, due to it's class leading DSC, DBC, DTC (stability, braking, and traction control systems) it's a more dynamic, thus enjoyable car to drive. Although there still are a few reasons not to buy the BMW and instead opt for the Porsche. For example, every family on your block may already own an X5, and there aren't enough colors in the BMW Individual catalogue to differentiate yourself. Or if you already own a Porsche 911 and you're promised a tremendous deal, and are invited over for dinner at the dealership owner's house. Or maybe you're especially attached to the Porsche badge and you're the kind of person who wears a Porsche hat, and rides a Porsche bicycle.
Oh no. 

You see, nearly all cars are in some way justifiable by it's owner. But what I'm concerned about, is the cars which cannot by any stretch of the imagination convince someone as to why you've gone out and traded your dollars for something so utterly trumped by other cars. The kind of car you were forced to buy because your parents-in-law own the dealership. By no means am I suggesting that a particular car brand is terrible, it simply means that for that kind of money, in a particular car segment, it's trumped by another car from a different brand. Take for example, the Mercedes B-class. Aside from being frighteningly out of proportion and odd looking, it's overpriced, it handles like a van, and it's beaten in nearly every aspect aside from brand prestige by it's cheaper more sensible competitors. In matter of fact, you look like quite the underachiever driving the cheapest Mercedes available in North America. It's like you're trying so hard to have the star on your bonnet but you've ended up spending all your money on a car which is terrible compromised in every way. You won't be able to justify it to anyone, as even the Mercedes salesmen will push you towards a much better C-class. Soon enough you'll realize that you should of gone out and bought a more fun to drive, better looking, more practical, and therefore more sensible BMW 1 Series hatchback.