Driving Style 35: A More Than Epic Rev Battle

When some of today's most expensive Ferrari's get together we're bound to be treated to something special. As one Fezza starts to enthusiastically blip it's throttle the other Scuderia and GTO owners cannot resist to follow suit. The symphony of sharp Scuderia bursts and deeper growling GTO noises reaches it's peak when the Brazilian T-shirted owner of a red Scuderia decides to weld his foot down and let his little V8 happily bounce off of the rev limiter. My hat is tipped to owner as he understands that supercars need to be used and shared. If I were filming I would have been chanting "Que Bella Machina! Que Bella Machina!"with a tear in my eye and my hands raised up high. Enjoy the video, which like a beautiful song just gets better and better towards the end. Arrivederci.