Driving Style 36

We're a little backlogged here at Alexotics Auto Talk. With more and more videos waiting in line to be edited, rendered, uploaded, and featured, there won't be a lack of blogging material anytime soon. We'll just have to churn through the epic footage one day at a time, trying to stay consistent and the usual highly entertaining. Today's edition of Driving Style features a video that I've wanted to show here for quite some time. Seeing it over on Autogespot's front page today made me bump it up to the front of the queue. It's quite a simple video really. A man and his toy on some twisty roads. A 620bhp, 3.5 seconds to a hundred, rocket, let loose on the twisty back roads of the Cote d' Azure. Roads which have become famous for their historic rallies, breathtaking views, and gut wrenching accidents. This video illustrates the fine line between reckless hoonage and a skilled driver having some controlled fun. At times, especially through some of the quaint villages, the driver may have tiptoed that line, but let's just enjoy the video and ask questions later. Cheers to m5board for the footage.