BMW Chills

BMW dropped three exciting bits of news on the car community this week.
One being this epic video of a BMW 1M sliding through concrete walls, the others not quite as lively. Chills is what came to mind when thinking up of a title for today's edition of driving style, and that just about sums it up. This kind of violently arousing online media marketing campaign is exactly what hits the spot for us car enthusiasts, and has us thinking "BMW, you're doing it right". With viral videos like this one, it should come as no surprise that BMW's online exposure is the world's largest amongst car manufacturers. I wonder if this ad was any more difficult to shoot than last month's near impossible 5 series ad.

Secondly, BMW announced that the Coupe and Convertible versions of the 1 and 3 Series will soon be branded as 2 and 4 Series. Why the shuffle? No one knows. All we know is that BMW attempted to do the same thing a while back but pulled the idea in the eleventh hour. I don't see why we should make a fuss, but then again I also don't see the need for the change over. I guess I've reached that age where tradition trumps innovation and stirring things up doesn't quite sit right.

The bar has just been set for another 6 years.
Last but by no means least, BMW decided to finally pull the covers off the 2012 M5. It's quicker, with only 4.4 seconds needed to hit 100 km/h, it's got plenty more torque, and peak power is delivered earlier. In typical BMW M tradition, the final M car's exterior barely differs from the M package. Leave out the quad tail pipes and the side vents, and you're driving a near identical looking car to your neighbor's 535i with optional M pack. However when at 8 AM you both simultaneously pull out of your driveways, your 552 horses will shred the tarmac from under your neighbors Michelin PS2's and your twin turbo V8 will have him crying to make it stop. You can't put a price on modesty, but you'll find the world's baddest sleeper supercar for a little over a hundred large at your local BMW dealer's showroom in a few months time.