Driving Style 38: RS

Three ingredients that make up a recipe for viral video success: a Moby soundtrack, a deserted airfield, and two cult status sport cars. Add HD quality, silky smooth transitions, and a hint of professional cinematography, and you've got a video for the ages. And OH-EM-GEE is this a great video. It nearly has me wanting to buy a classic 911, nearly... since not physically fitting inside them kind of has a habit of stunting my appetite for one. But it's not the company's first viral hit, you'll find many more drift inspired video-gems here, here, and here. Check out the links to watch classic E30 BMW's  burn rubber and legendary Nissan Silvia's defy the laws of centrifugal force. With an obvious penchant for Moby and drifting, try and support these guys in continue making quality videos. Clash Productions, you're doing it right!