Driving Style 39: Powder Keg

I hope everyone is familiar with the BMW short film 'Hire Series', which made it debut on the internet in 2001. With 8 ten-minute segments and a Hollywood actor in the driver's seat, BMW's groundbreaking campaign was a viral marketing prototype that knew instant success. Often replicated but never duplicated, there's just something about the purity of these short films that make them untouchable. You've probably all watched the Madonna 'Star' episode where Clive Owen races an E39 M5 around town, makes the star wet her pants, but delivers her to the red carpet on time. It's an epic piece of film with impressive driving feats, but no segment is as raw and powerful as 'Powder Keg'. If you haven't already, try and watch all 8 segments in HD on abmwFan's account it's absolutely worth your time.