Driving Style 41: EVO Diary

Harry Metcalfe, the founder and owner of EVO, has released yet another stunning piece of self made footage. This time he takes us along the Ferrari Tribute run, which drove the same route as the Mille Miglia. It's an exciting journey, with stunning Ferraris tackling the beautiful Italian countryside as well as some of Italia's narrowest city streets. Mr. Metcalfe does a fantastic job of conveying some of the passion and feel of the Mille Miglia, as he blogs about anything that comes to mind throughout the journey. From Tiff Needell popping out of nowhere to the sound of Mr. Metcalfe's limited edition Ferrari 550 Barchetta, I urge you to watch the entire video. It's 22 minutes long, but it's worth every second. Especially considering the Mille Miglia fee is around 5000 pounds and the video is free. Thanks EVO.