EVENT: BMW PromotieDag in Holland

The 'BMW PromotieDag' may not be as large or well represented as the better known Nurburgring 'M Festival' but it more than makes up for it's lack in size with it's authenticity and atmosphere. Situated in the quaint Sint Anthonis, hundreds of rare BMW's gather on a sloping grassy field right in the middle of town. While a drifting event provided for the necessary sounds and smells, the numerous BMW vintage car clubs in attendance provided the million-dollar metal. From Marc Webber's 2006 William Formula One car, to an Isetta towed by a 1962 BMW 501, it was a memorable day for people of all ages. It's too bad that the next PromotieDag will be held in distant 2013, but that at least gives us enough time to save up for a plane ticket across the Atlantic puddle.