Gumball 3000 | Ferrari 599 GTO Owner Interview

You may recall the perfectly configured yellow and black Ferrari 599 GTO that took part in the Gumball rally earlier this month. Well I was fortunate enough to meet the friendly British owner, who saw no problem in stopping for quick chat. Since it was past midnight, and I'd been traveling all day, I was having a bit of trouble coming up with in depth questions, so as you'll be able to tell, I went for the basics. This means we now know that he's owned the GTO for about a month, and that he blindly trusts his Ferrari navigation. As if a millionaire who decides to trash his brand new Ferrari around Europe in the world's wildest rally could receive any more of my respect, he then admitted that it was his first ever Ferrari. Imagine walking over to a dealership where they've never seen you before and placing an order for their loudest, fastest, scariest, and most expensive car they make. If respect was measured in decibels, this man can be found on the inside of Apollo 13's afterburners on take off. My hat is tipped sir.