Monte Carlo F1 Grand Prix

I've completed my second last installment of my Monaco travels, this time with the Grand Prix as focal point. While last week's Montreal Grand Prix was extreme at both ends of the scale, at times extremely boring during the two hour stoppage, but extremely exciting during the submarine battle and Jensen Button's miraculous performance that ensued, Monaco was an entirely different race. With a crash at 'The Swimming Pool' in the dying laps, the race was  stopped and then put behind the pace car for several laps. That's about all the exciting news I can report back on, since Monaco's streets are way too narrow for any overtaking to occur. These street circuit F1's, like we'll see next week in Valencia, are anti climatic from a technical point of view, but oh-my-god do they  fill up the city with sweet sweet noises. So many noises! Nearly everyone I spoke to wore earplugs and I will definitely not forget to bring mine next time I make it down. Rip-roaring brain itching painstaking noises that are beyond motoring sweetness. The downshifts in an F1 car are so ferocious that I had to make a choice between enjoying them, and covering my ears so I'd live to hear another day. I have to recommend to anyone that has the means, or the opportunity, to watch a street circuit F1 race to make the trip because it really is something you'll forever remember, and for days on end hear echoing back at you from your inner ear canals.