Oh No You Didn't

The Americans, standing tall under waiving flags, and with the national anthem playing in the background, made a major announcement today. The announcement is a direct attack on all other superpowers, and surely will not be taken lightly. It's given all Americans justification for all of the bragging they've done overseas. The taunts, the showing off, the strutting, and the unmistakable sense of American pride has all been validated by one announcement from a little auto manufacturer you may have heard off called Chevy.

Chevrolet, with a bone stock 2012 Corvette ZR, have managed to lap the Nurburgring in a blistering 7 minutes and 19 seconds. A time which is 6 seconds than their last attempt in 2008. More importantly, the Corvette is now the 2nd fastest full body production car around the Green Hell. And that's something every car enthusiast should take a second to think about. If you know a bit about the past record holders there will be no doubt you'll all of a sudden burst out in fit of rage, tears, and carnage. If you've ever loved a Ferrari Enzo, Pagani Zonda, Nissan GTR, or Maserati MC12,... well do you still? It's been beaten by a plasticy interior, 100 grand 'supercar', with an outdated body shape that hasn't seen the wind tunnel in decades.

Only one car stands in the bumblebee yellow ZR1's way and that's the two and a half times more expensive Porsche GT2 RS. By... ahum... one second. It's mind boggling to watch a Vette put all those cars to shame. A thought made worse by the fact that there isn't one tiny aspect of their lap time which we can criticize. Sure they used slicks, but which manufacturer didn't on their fastest lap attempts? All Chevrolet did was put an experienced pilot in the yellow bird and set it free. No fiddles, no tweaks, just a run of the mill showroom Chevy trashing just about every automaker's engineering department to shame.

And what's odd about the video, is that it doesn't at all look like a record setting lap. I can name hundreds of Nurburgring videos that looks faster and much, much scarier. In matter of fact I will. Try watching the Radical Sportscar fly around at what seems like Mach 2, the epic video of the Pagani Zonda R in full HD, or the famously insane RUF Porsche Yellowbird.

Watching how calmly the Vette's driver put down that lap time makes me think the Americans have either run their Nurburgring video by Hollywood, or are on to something very special. Yurpeans take note.